Winner of 2014 SA Premier Business "Young Entrepreneur and Play Your Part" Awards.
Media Entrepreneur. Author. Inspirational Speaker.
Motivational Speaker. Women Empowerment Activist.
Philanthropist. PLAY YOUR PART Ambassador.
The first S.A black woman to author an
annual inspirational diary for women,
Diary for Fabulous You!
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  "Know your purpose and life becomes an everyday win".  
  - Pontsho Manzi -  
PontshoBiography   FabWoman-Magazine  
- 2014 DTI South African Premier Business
"Young Entrepreneur" Award.
- 2014 SA Premier Business" Play Your Part" Award.
- 2011 Anne Dreyer Rising Star Award.
- International Media Woman-Women for
Africa Awards (London based)
- Heroine Category-Feathers Awards
- Shoprite Woman of the Year Award
- SA's Most Influential Woman
" Thank u, thank u, for my beautiful, inspirational diary.....I have never possessed
something so beautiful, that made me fall in love with it immediately, that possesses a personal touch in it, that speaks to me and me only. I am really smitten by the diary....I love it. Thanks once again ".
- Dimakatso Sephula (ABSA) -
" I spent a bit of time last night going through the diary, and I love the fact that each month is themed, with words of encouragement and inspirational quotes together with the monthly Mantra's. Even for those who may not have a spiritual background, the words of wisdom and very uplifting and motivating to all that read them. The Treasure Box section is a fabulous idea by the way ".
- Jade Roberts (Osiris Trading) -

" You were a great guest, confidence + humility = Inspiration ".
- Ashraf Garda (SA FM Presenter) -
" Pontsho you’ve left a mark in my heart.
I can’t get over you. Keep up the good work! "
- Lindani Maseko -
" Pontsho Manzi is like a dynamite that comes in the small packages ".
- Tebogo Mashego -
" Pontsho has always believed in me and told me I can do it ".
- Tumelo Mothotoane (Sunday Live, SABC 1 Presenter) -
" I was listening to SAFM and was amazed at what I heard. Powerful words ".
- SA FM listener -
" She is soooo humbled! she is just loveable, she is inspiring, she has
lived a life and lead by example, she truly lives her brand, she is a definition
of what her magazine is about, she is honestly real, she is too sweet,
SHE is Pontsho Manzi and I had an honor to spend the morning with her
today at Soweto TV Channel and literally connected, definitely someone
I want in my network web ".
- Nonhlanhla Mnisi (Mboko, Soweto TV) -
" I was listening to you this afternoon @ SAfm . You are a great role model
to me and other young people out there. I was inspired about what you were
saying  on air... great words indeed ".
-Tsholo -
" Hello sister Pontsho, great honor hearing your encouragement and
inspirational words about entreprenership on SAFM today ".
- Lesesa -
" Woooooow dear Pontsho Manzi I'm watching you
now on Identity SABC 1, you are the most intelligent and powerful woman
I know .keep it up and GOD bless YOU ".
- Loretta Reuters -
" A young Christian lady who is doing great exploits  unto The Lord.
I salute your mom and dad for having raised a  young lady of Great Faith ".
- June Kubie -
" Pontsho I am blown away at how Real you remain with
all that God has blessed you with. Thank you for the letting your light shine bright
becase in turn you help us shine our light too. Love and blessings to you.
Upwards and Onwards Fabgalz Movement ".
- Snamile Mhlongo (Luminate SA) -
" Thank you so much sis Pontsho. You are such an inspiration to me
as a Fabgal. My mom always focuses on bad things about me but you
encouraged me to dust myself and keep dreaming big. I love you ".
- Wendy (Fabgal Diepsloot Combined School) -
" Well done for putting together such a wonderful occasion.
You yourself are a great inspiration to me, your courage is amazing.
Keep shining. Love you ".
- Omphile Sebitloane (CEO: Moroubathong) -
" I’m in awe, what a prestigious event-The 2nd Annual Fabulous
Woman Awards 2014. You are one of the most influential women in the world.
You are the best…beautiful speech. I don’t have enough words to express
how you inspire us. I have utmost respect for you.
God will bless you abundantly ".
- Segomotso Moeng (Business Woman) -
" Well done on hosting a Fabulous dinner tonight and it was a blessing to
see the recognition you gave to Tomorrow’s leaders ".
- Phuti Mahanyele (CEO: Shanduka Group) -
" Pontsho your work is too amazing. I pray that God lifts and blesses you
like never before. You are truly an inspiration and a reminder to women that they
should never stop dreaming big. Cheers to an awesome woman ".
- Samu Ntuli -
" Pontsho Manzi was well received by the Samsung ladies on the 8th August -
Pontsho kept the ladies interested in her motivational talk & interacted with the
guests on a personal level, there was also a lot of laughter on the day
& overall feedback was excellent ".
- Tamara Dey (Samsung) -
" I don't believe we have met personally however I have grown to
be interested in you and your work! You come across as a woman who
is charming , elegant and most importantly one who loves the Lord!
Quite an inspirational! ".
- Thato Motea -
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pontsho Manzi for taking
your position in this planet earth, you are such a blessing. I am glad that
you accepted the calling, you adhered to the calling to uplift other human beings.
I enjoyed the evening of the Awards and I learnt a lot. I am still looking forward
to your visit.Most of all, thank you so much for the recognition and it will
make a positive milestone in my life and of the young girls ".
- Khanyisele Motsa (Home of Hope) -
" I am inspired by you and well done for your great work. You came to
Samsung Electronics on Woman's day and we really had a Fab time, I can't
stop talking and sharing what I learned to my friends ".
- Pheto Mposula (Samsung) -
" Pontsho I really enjoyed the session, it was inspirational.
You have a lot of wisdom. I am proud to say with women like Pontsho in
South Africa, South Africa has a brighter future ".
- Executive Director (Standard Bank) -
" Pontsho was eloquent and real. She definitely built rapport with the
audience at Standard Bank Women's event. Her slides were to the point and
she also had the most responses in terms of RSVPs ".
- Peaches Khumalo (Eventworx) -
" Oh I love the way you play around with words in Fabulous You Journal,
I love your work ".
- Gift Marumo (Total SA) -
" I must really commend Mrs Manzi for her work. Firstly the diary is beautiful
and we'll packaged. I'm enjoying every moment of using it. Have recommended
it to all my friends I'm sure they will contact you soon ".
- Cynthia Mbanjwa -
" I don't believe we have met personally however I have grown to be interested
in you and your work! You come across as a woman who is charming , elegant
and most importantly one who loves the Lord! Quite an inspirational! ".
- Thato Motea -
" Dear Pontsho, Hope this email finds you well. I just felt the need to thank you
for that one life changing hour in which you set aside time to come and talk
to us at Standard Bank. I have since not been able to stop thinking about my
passion and the edge of starting my own business. As I am writing this to you,
my heart is filled with such happiness and gratitude. I am done procrastinating
and am going to work hard in realizing my dream. Once again, thank you.
And stay blessed ". Kind regards; - Thando Khumalo (Manager : Reporting |
PBB SA Operational Risk – Reporting, Governance and Integration) -
- -
" Hi Mrs Manzi, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a person you are, you not only a wife,mother, daughter, or a friend, however u are a woman of which most of us "ladies" dream to be like u. Still remember the old days of Multichoice when you were our Facilitator, guiding us about being successful in life, encouraging us not to give up and to always value the life we have been given by our Lord. Even today I still look up to u because I learned a lot from you. You are such a blessing in this planet earth and I wish God grant you with lots of achievements. Wish all the best for you and always put a smile on that beautiful face. Love you!
- -